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  • 11/18/2015
    Cracking Maths Project

    Cracking Maths is an ongoing project to improve numeracy skills and competencies at the primary level.  The Cracking Maths series of mathematics textbooks focus on both the content and the skills of the curriculum, with an emphasis on problem-solving and will be integrated in the teaching and learning of mathematics at P3, P4, P5 and P6 levels.  This is with the aim to promote pupils’ engagement and their understanding of mathematical concepts. 

    In October 2014 a workshop was organized for teachers and Ministry officials on the use of these Mathematics textbooks.  The workshop was conducted by Mr. Brian O’ Doherty, who is also the author of one of the books.

    During the course of 2014 the Ministry has also procured books for P5 and P6, worth SCR 850,000.00.  The cost of books for P3 and P4 was similar to that of P5 and P6 which the Ministry of Education has been able to procure through a sponsor from the Children's Fund.
    The Ministry of Education has now received the books for P1 and P2 that are to be used not as core but rather as supplementary materials as from January 2016. The latter is in line with our language policy where the mother tongue, Kreol, is the medium of instruction for early childhood education, and whereby English is used as a support language.

    This development and the production of locally made textbooks for P1 and P2 respond further to the MTS 2015-2017 where it is expected that by 2015 all schools will receive and make use of new mathematics textbooks. 

    For teachers to make good use of the texbook as supplementary resource a one day workshop is being organised for all P1 and P2 teachers during the forthcoming vacation.  The session will provide teachers with first-hand experience on how to use the mother tongue for instruction alongside resources printed in other languages.