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  • 17 November 2020 - The Minister for Education renews his commitment to Learning Improvement during his first visit to Schools

    Minister for Education, Dr Justin Valentin, conducted his first school visit this morning.


    Accompanied by a delegation comprising the Principal Secretary for Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary Education, Dr Odile De Comarmond; Special Advisor to the Minister, Mrs Merida Delcy; Director General for Primary Schools, Mr Cyril Pillay; Principal Education Officer for Secondary School Division, Ms Thyra Faure and other key members of his Management Team, he started the visit at Anse Royale Crêche, followed by Anse Royale Primary and Secondary Schools.


    During his visit, the Minister toured several classes and interacted with teachers and pupils. Additionally, he conducted meetings with the Management Team of both schools, to hear the concerns and challenges of the teachers and to gain an understanding of the schools’ different needs.


    At both Primary and Secondary schools, the Minister emphasized the need to tackle behaviour issues and furthermore, reiterated the necessity to bring technology at the forefront in the Ministry’s Headquarters and in all Educational Institutions.


    The Minister also renewed his commitment to Learning Improvement by expressing the following:


    "We are here to officially renew our commitment to learning. You need us for support and we need you for support as well, in order to give our children the best possible deal and this is... 'a great education'.

    You can rely on the system for support and make people understand that we are with them and we want to achieve on this mission.


    Things will happen progressively. Soon, schools will take control of their own affairs. We have to look for the best strategies that work.

    Let us try to teach and coach the students how to receive knowledge. We need to work with the students and prepare them accordingly for them to succeed.


    I really want to make teachers happy. After all, you spend much more time at school than at home. We share your passion, your aspirations, but also your worries and challenges. When you cry, as Leaders, we also cry with you and when you celebrate, as Leaders, we also celebrate with you.”