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  • April vacation in-service workshop

    As part of the April vacation in-service workshops, a three days training was organized on Curieuse Island from the 5th to 7th May for Geography and History teachers. The objectives of such workshop was to encourage teachers to use fieldwork as a teaching strategy; to provide teachers with the necessary skills by taking them out in the field to work in different areas of the curriculum; History, Geography, Science and marine environment; to update teachers’ knowledge on Geography and History and marine life of Seychelles; to expose teachers to new concepts in the National Curriculum, e.g. sustainable development, blue economy and lastly to discuss strategies to integrate and teach these themes/concepts.

    The workshop was organized by the Centre for Curriculum, Assessment and Teacher Support in close collaboration with the Seychelles National Parks Authority.

    Curieuse is a small granitic island, close to the north coast of Praslin. While there, teachers got the chance to learn about the History of the Island, especially about the island being a lepers Colony from 1829 to 1965. The Geography and History teachers also learned how to incorporate conservation and sustainable living in the teaching of their respective subjects.  Through practical sessions conducted, teachers learnt how to do beach profiling. In addition, sessions were conducted on the marine life of Curieuse.

    All ended with a snorkeling session in the Marine Park of the 4.6 km2 island, were those who possessed some swimming skills got the chance to admire and appreciate the coral reefs and underwater marine life.
    At the end of the three days field work training, remarks and feedbacks from teachers were very positive as they all had a good time while learning; an aspect of teaching and learning which teachers said will enhance learning in their classroom.