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  • UNESCO – IBE Mission to Seychelles

    A delegation of four consultants from the UNESCO International Bureau of Education (IBE) was in Seychelles on a one week mission with the Ministry of Education.  This mission follows the General Education Quality Analysis Framework (GEQAF) workshop held in July 2015.  The delegation led by Dr. Mmantsetsa Marope, the Director of IBE, comprised experts in education Ms. Amapola Alama and in competency based approach in education, Dr. Lili Ji and Dr. Lori Rabinovitch.

    As part of the mission to the Seychelles the UNESCO-IBE reaffirmed its continued commitment to the Ministry of Education's endeavors to strengthen the quality of education and learning through the GEQAF initiative.  As such IBE has set up an initiative in partnership with Google which is scheduled to start in the first half of 2016 to support GEQAF partner countries to infuse technology perspective into the education system with the aim of further promoting quality education.

    Some of the objectives of the IBE initiative with Google include the diversification of teaching and learning resources to strengthen the teaching and learning environment, training of teachers and other educators on the necessity of technology and improving the resource efficiency of education systems by reducing the high cost drivers through mainstreaming and the adoption of technology.

    A series of meetings was held between the members of the UNESCO-IBE delegation and officers from the Ministry of Education, the Institute of Early Childhood Development (IECD) and the Department of ICT to discuss issues and requirements for adopting a technological perspective to education and for establishing an ECCE hub for GEQAF partners.

    Another aim of the mission was the four-day capacity building workshop in competency based approach (CBA) to curriculum design which ended on Friday.  The workshop targeted curriculum officers from the CCATS division, officers from professional centres and educational institutions. 

    The official opening of the workshop which was held on Tuesday was attended by the Minister for Education, Mrs. Macsuzy Mondon, the Principal Secretaries: Mrs. Merida Delcy (ECPSE); Dr. Linda Barallon (TEPPA) and Mr. Benjamin Choppy (DICT), as well as the Secretary General for UNESCO in Seychelles, Dr. Marie-Reine Hoareau, the CEO for IECD, Mrs. Shirley Choppy, officers from the Ministry of Education, the department of ICT, professional centres and educational institutions.

    The Director General of the Centre for Curriculum, Assessment & Teacher Support in the Ministry of Education, Dr. Odile de Comarmond, said that the workshop comes at a time when the curriculum division embarks on the review of curriculum to incorporate competency based approaches in line with the requirements of the national curriculum framework 2013.

    In the closing remarks on Friday to the workshop, the Principal Secretary for ECPSE, Mrs. Merida Delcy, thanked the facilitators for the four days of intensive work undertaken during the workshop.

    The curriculum team of the ministry is now tasked with the first phase of the review of the primary curriculum using the competency based approach.