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  • Ministry of Education launches Teachers’ Council of Seychelles

    In her address to officially launch the Teachers' Council of Seychelles on Wednesday 5th October, the Minister for Education, Mrs. Macsuzy Mondon, stated that this is a historic event and yet another milestone in our ongoing pursuit for better quality in the teaching and learning process at all levels of our education system. 


    The theme for this year's World Teachers' Day is "Valuing Teachers, Improving their Status" and it clearly reflects the national drive in the importance of supporting the work of teachers and recognising that teachers are fundamental for equitable and quality education and, as such, they must be adequately trained, recruited and remunerated, motivated and supported within well-resourced, efficient and effectively governed systems.


    Minister Mondon also noted that it is largely thanks to teachers that our plan for development in education is implemented successfully, that each child's basic educational needs are being catered for, that our young people are studying subject and acquiring skills, knowledge and values that they need to get on in life. 


    This, she said, is very much in line with our local theme for Teachers' Day 2016: "La Réussite de mes étudiants, mon engagement".


    The launching of the Teachers' Council is one of a series of activities that has been organised by the Ministry of Education to celebrate teacher's week. 


    The Minister continued by saying that as professionals, teachers are expected to not only satisfy the needs of their students by delivering a service of a high quality, but also to meet or even exceed expectations whenever possible, to deliver on their promises, communicate effectively, share knowledge abundantly, adhere to high values and principles, be humble, generous and grateful.


    The newly launched Teachers' Council will have a major role to play in ensuring the commitment of teachers to the highest standards of professional service in promoting the learning of those they teach.


    The Teachers' Council reflects the ministry's conviction that this professional body will not only ensure that the teachers we employ meet the required standards to be issued with a teaching license but also ensure that teachers engage in ongoing professional development at the required standard for their teaching license to be renewed.


    The work of the Teachers' Council of Seychelles will be fundamentally about setting the standards. It will promote and regulate the teaching profession by ensuring that the minimum standards of educational qualifications required for entry into programmes of teacher education, teaching and training are adhered to. It will also maintain an updated register of all teachers and their qualifications to facilitate their continuous growth and professional development.


    The Council will work closely with the Ministry of Education and provide advice on matters related to the profession of teaching, education and training.  It is governed by a Board appointed by the Minister for Education which shall develop and approve the programme of work of the Council in relation to its function.  The Council's Board will also liaise with and consult other partners in education.


    The Teachers' Council Board Members:


    Mr. Jules Baker - Chairperson

    Mrs. Jeanne Simeon - Vice Chairperson

    Ms. Inese Oredy - Registrar and Executive Secretary

    Mrs. Margaret Pillay - Member

    Ms. Christelle Betsy - Member

    Mr. Michel Bistoquet - Member


    The need for such a professional body for teachers was recognised in the Education Reform National Action Plan 2009–2010 and has now been incorporated in the Education Medium Term Strategy as one of the goals to promote the teaching profession and as part of the drive to improve the quality of teaching in all the educational institutions.