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  • 22 projects from students judged in the 2016 Science and Technology Fair

    The Science and Technology Fair is a co-curricular activity hosted by the Ministry of Education every two years with the principal aim of promoting excellence in learning and understanding of science and technology. 


     The fair is also about creating and applying concepts, principles and processes acquired in science and technology. 


    A total of 22 projects presented by students from primary and secondary schools and professional centres were judged today during the Fair.


    The Minister for Education, Mrs. Macsuzy Mondon, and the Principal Secretary for Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary Education, Mrs. Merida Delcy, as well as some other officials from the Ministry of Education were present at the short ceremony this morning to officially open the 2016 Science and Technology Fair.


    The Director General for the Centre for Curriculum Assessment & Teacher Support (CCATS), Dr. Odile Decomarmond, who officially opened the 2016 edition of the Fair, said that science involves gathering evidence, generating and testing ideas in order to develop scientific understanding, explanations and knowledge which enable us to understand and live in harmony with the natural world and help us to make decisions and contribute responsibly to the development of the human made world.  It is therefore important that the Science & technology Fair is seen as a platform to allow learners to develop 21st century skills and knowledge to address contemporary issues.



    She then went on to appeal to all the Science and Technology Fair participants and the youths of Seychelles to make use of the wonders of science and technology wisely, beneficially, responsibly and in a healthy way that can have a positive impact in their lives.


    The Minister and the Principal Secretary spent the remainder of the morning going round to visit each one of the displays of the 22 projects and to talk to the students.  The winners of the 2016 Science and Technology Fair will be announced during the award ceremony tomorrow, Friday 14th October.