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    PRESS RELEASE - 24 Jan. 2017 - From the Office of the Principal Secretary for Education


    Welcoming the 2016 A-Level Examination results, the School of Advanced Level Studies (SALS) is pleased with the performance of the candidates in their final University of Cambridge International examinations, completed in October/ November 2016. A total of 139 candidates sat the examinations compared to 163 in 2015.


    The SALS student population in 2016 was 271 compared to a population of 305 in 2015. The number of entries for the 18 different A-Level subjects decreased from 418 in 2015 to 362 in 2016.


    One student scored straight (A)s, and seven (7) others obtained at least 2As. Thirty-five (35) students obtained the required level of points (18) for progression to further studies compared to 41 in 2015.


    A 100% pass rate was recorded in nine subjects Art and Design, Computer Science, Economics, French, History, Literature in English, Physics, Mathematics and Travel and Tourism.


    The pass rate for the subjects Biology, Business, Chemistry, Geography, Sociology, Psychology, was between 92% and 97%. Overall fifteen (15) subjects recorded over 90% pass rate.


    For the subjects Accounting, and English Language the pass rate was between 82% and 85%.


    The pass rate in Law was 58%. The overall pass rate for the 2016 cohort stands at 93.6% compared to an overall pass rate of 88% in 2015.


    While welcoming these positive A-Level examination results, the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development and the School of Advanced Level Studies (SALS) are committed to enhancing appropriate measures in place to ensure that all students achieve at the highest possible standards in A-Level Examinations in future, in line with the targets set out in the Ministry's Medium-Term Strategy 2013-17 and Beyond. The implementation of these measures, and the realization of these targets require a committed and sustained contribution from both the Ministry, the management and staff at the School of Advanced Level Studies (SALS) and its many other stakeholders.


    They also require the serious commitment from the A-Level students, and their parents and teachers, so that the overall quality of the grades achieved across all subjects will be further enhanced.


    The Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development and the management and staff of SALS congratulate the 2016 cohort of students for their hard work, and wish them well in their further studies and future careers.


    The Ministry also wishes to thank the management and teachers at SALS for their commitment to this important educational endeavor at the upper-secondary level in the Seychelles education system, and to acknowledge in a special way the encouragement and support provided by the students' parents and other stakeholders.