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  • Minister’s Familiarization Visit to Plaisance Secondary School

    1 Feb 2017 - Friday the 27th January saw the Minister visiting Plaisance Secondary School. The aim was to familiarize himself with the school’s senior management, get to know the school and learn about the challenges that the school faces currently.


    The discussions emphasized the deteriorating state of the infrastructure as the school stands to be 25 years this year. Renovations have started on administration offices, S1 block and will continue in order to give the school an improved façade. Another aspect discussed was the fact that the school has suffered a number of break- in and has lost vital equipment or as has been the case on a few occasions teachers’ personal items.


    While the school is quite well in terms of staffing, the head teacher claimed that they should be doing better still in terms of results. This should come about, the Minister Morgan stressed through more accountability of teachers and students taking responsibility for their learning. Parents too are required to do their bit vis a vis their children.


    The school had undertaken a values based project which with the assistance of various partners, has helped them to reduce the number of students with severe behavioural problems including those who were abusing substances.


    Another concern raised was the issue of student drop-out versus compulsory education; where the school felt the students who were compelled by law to come back to school after they have dropped out, mostly come back and create more problems as they do not want to be in school.


    Also, the Minister urged Ministry officials to immediately look into the aspect of internet for administration purposes to facilitate communications with schools and cut down on hard copies and snail mail. He also urged management team members to be more proactive in dealing with underperforming staff and uncooperative parents as well as students; all these he said in order to improve results.