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  • Minister Morgan’s continues visits to schools

    1 Feb. 2017 - Minister Joel Morgan continued with his visits to schools which he started late last year by visiting Mont Fleuri primary and secondary schools in the morning of Friday 20 January 2017 where he met with the management teams of each school.  


    Accompanying the Minister on the visit were the Special Advisor for Education, Mrs. Merida Delcy; the Director General for Schools, Ms. Odile Octave; the Director for Secondary Schools, Dr. Veronique Figaro; the Director for Primary Schools, Mr. Cyril Pillay, the Minister’s Advisor, Mr. Alex Souffe and Personal Assistant, Mrs. Sandra Lepathy.


    The visit marks the second one for this year.  The aim is have open and honest discussions with the staff of the schools so as to gain a comprehensive understanding of the factors allowing educational institutions to thrive and more importantly, those that are hampering the progress of schools.  This is being done with a view of improving the quality of education further so as to raise learning outcomes across all key stages.  The Minister also wanted to familiarise himself with the setting of schools, infrastructure and learning resources.


    During the visit staff members of the school voiced out certain challenges and their views on how quality could be achieved in their respective school and at all levels in the education system. 


    Amongst the common challenges that the head teachers of the two schools pointed out in their discussion with the Minister and his delegation were the shortages and quality of human resources, teacher commitment, absenteeism, quality and quantity of books, internet access for the whole school, furniture and other essential resources which limit the capabilities of the teachers to deliver lessons effectively.  Additionally concerns about parental involvement, disruptive behaviour and disciplinary misconduct of students and quality of education were raised. 


    The head teacher of Mont Fleuri primary school, Mr. Steve Hoareau reported that at the Crêche level the school needs a sick bay and educational toys for students, as well as a staffroom, an electronic clock in/out system and adequate furniture for teachers.  He also noted that the child minding service needs to be sorted out urgently.  


    In addition, the head teacher expressed his dissatisfaction with the quality of material and maintenance service being provided to his school.  He explained that as the school is accommodating quite a large number of pupils from La Rosiere primary school which is being renovated there is urgent need for additional toilets and bins to cater for the increased school population.


    The Minister and his delegation then proceeded to visit Mont Fleuri secondary school, which is a medium-sized school where he met the head teacher, Mrs. Rose Mary Violette. 


    Mrs. Violette presented a brief overview of the school’s Strategic Plan before moving on to the S5 IGCSE results for 2016, which she said the school was not too pleased with.  She pointed out that the school will be analyzing the results, identifying the negative factors to students’ learning and putting in place the necessary mechanisms for the school to move closer to its target in 2017. 


    The head teacher also shared one of the strategies that the school is using to manage students with challenging behaviours.


    In conclusion, the Minister thanked the schools for receiving him and his delegation and reminded them of the Ministry’s vision with regards to the new governance model with a strong focus on autonomy and greater accountability by all parties concerned. 


    The Minister promised the schools that he will be visiting the classrooms during the course of the year and reminded them of the need to work as a team in order to overcome the various adverse challenges before wishing them the very best in 2017.