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  • Peer Counselling Training for SIAD students

    27 Jun. 2017 - Transition from secondary to post-secondary can be a stressful and emotional experience for many of our students. This is often due to change in the environment and other new happenings taking place in their lives. These changes often make them vulnerable and prone to a multitude of challenges. As an institution, we recognise the need to provide additional support through the empowering our youth with the necessary tools, so they can participate in decision making and assume greater leadership roles.


    Peer Counselling Training covers a wide range of topics and assists students in developing skills to enable them to identify and support a classmate or colleague in distress. The programme is aimed at equipping a group of dedicated students (Class Rep) to reach out to their peers who are in need of support, encouragement and access to other information.


    As such, it will empower them with good observational skills, active listening abilities, allow them to communicate empathetically and respond in a non-judgmental manner. Prior to their training, they will need to understand what peer counselling is all about. Several research have proven that peer counselling can be as effective as professional counselling, and this is why some institutions have placed it at the heart of their proactive counselling sessions.


    The session is being facilitated by Mr. Benjamin Vel, with the support of the Drug and Alcohol Council (DAC) for class representatives and will continue during semester 2.​