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  • Office of the President of Seychelles donates car to the Ministry

    07 July 2017 - The Minister for Education and Human Resource Development (MoEHRD), Mr. Joel Morgan, was officially presented with the keys to a Nissan Leaf electric car by the Secretary of State for Presidential Affairs, Mrs. Aude Labaleine, on Thursday 6th July during a short ceremony at the Ministry Headquarters. 

    The ceremony was attended by the Principal Secretary for the President’s Office, Mrs. Marie-Claire Marie; the Principal Secretary of the department of Education, Dr. Odile Decomarmond; the Principal Secretary for the Human Resource Development department, Dr. Linda Barallon; officials from the MoEHRD, students and teachers from the Mont Fleuri and Plaisance primary and secondary schools.

    In his short address Minister Joel Morgan thanked President Danny Faure for the donation, which was made possible through the Children’s Special Fund (CSF) saying that in donating the car to the Ministry the President has led the way for the future in terms of what we should be looking for as transportation.  The Minister also said that the gesture is a great example of how the President looks into the benefit and welfare of the ministries and the workers.

    The Minister ended by thanking the officers from the President’s office, the Ministry of Finance, the Department of Education who have worked to make this possible.  The Nissan Leaf car will be used by the ICT Support Section, in the Education and Student Support Services Division, to support the primary and secondary schools.

    The Nissan Leaf electric car uses electricity to recharge and does not rely on fuel to function, which Minister Morgan says represents the epitome of cleanliness as there is no internal combustion and therefore no emission of carbon.  The cost of maintenance of the car is very low, which is a plus for the Ministry and government as less money will be spent for maintenance and fuel.

    Mrs. Aude Labaleine, the Secretary of State for Presidential Affairs, said that the IT division within the Ministry of Education should be mobile, and the car donated through the CSF will allow the staff of the IT division to carry out their work effectively.  The car, Mrs. Labaleine, says also represents the government’s effort to promote environmentally conscientious behaviour, because as we focus on our development we must also be considerate of the environment which we all share.

    The short ceremony ended with viewing of the car and students who were present also had the opportunity to ask questions and view the car’s interior and engine.