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About Us
Curriculum and Teacher Support Section

THE CURRICULUM AND TEACHER SUPPORT SECTION operates under the mandate of the Centre for Curriculum Assessment and Teacher Support (CCATS).



  • - establish curriculum standards as a basis for curriculum development and delivery nationally;

  • - ensure a coordinated approach to curriculum development and delivery, teacher and school management support and school-based research;

  • - build capacity of teachers to develop and implement curriculum standards and school curricula;


  • - promote innovative ideas in professional practice and contribute to policy development grounded in research.


  • - enhance the development and use of multimedia and other technologies to support teaching and learning;


  • - promote close partnerships with other stakeholders, including those from the private sector for effective curriculum implementation;


  • - establish links with similar institutions internationally and other relevant professional bodies;



Curriculum planning, design and development

- Developing, monitoring and reviewing of the National Curriculum for all state schools from Early Childhood to Secondary

- Developing  teaching learning programmes and other instructional resources in line with the National Curriculum Framework

- Managing and coordinating curriculum development projects including in-house and outsourcing initiatives;

- Selecting and evaluating ready- made materials for schools.


 Providing school support

- Monitoring and evaluating curriculum implementation in collaboration with curriculum leaders in schools.

- Organising in-service workshops for teachers and curriculum leaders in collaboration with the Seychelles Institute of Teacher Education (SITE) and other partners to ensure the effective implementation of the curriculum

- Assist in continuous professional development of teachers in partnership with other stakeholders.


 Essential Learning Areas of the National Curriculum



The Arts


Technical and Vocational Education (TVE)

Social Sciences

Personal, Social and Citizenship Education (PSCE)

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Physical Education and Health



National Curriculum Framework 2013

Seychelles Early Learning Framework 2015
Attainment Targets Primary 2015
Attainment Targets Secondary 2015