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Finance and Procurement




The Finance and Procurement Division provides support, advisory and centralized services in the field of finance and procurement, and ensures the proper monitoring of policies, guidelines and standards as per the Public Finance Management Act (2012), and Procurement Act (2008).

 This function is guided by the rules and regulations of the Ministry of Finance, Trade and Blue Economy.

The division has two main sections:

- Finance

- Procurement



The roles and functions of the Division are as follows:


  • - Coordinate the budgetary requirements and prepare the Ministry's budget estimates for submission to the Ministry of Finance, Trade and the Blue Economy;


  • - Ensure proper administration and control of the budget allocation, through a Centralized Accounts system;

  • - Manage the budget of the Ministry of Education in a way that aligns resources with the strategic objectives of the Ministry;

  • - Consult and advise the Principal Secretaries, Directors General, Directors, Programme Managers, and other employees on policies, strategies, laws, regulations and procedures and provide guidance on all financial matters;

  • - Ensure the smooth and efficient functioning of the Ministry's Financial System;

  • - Maintain a balanced budget, policies and procedures to ensure the effective and efficient use of Ministry funds to best support educational institutions and educational projects;


  • - Responsible for the smooth and efficient operation of the Procurement Unit;


- Ensure that budget allocation is apportioned appropriately, taking into consideration approved programmes, as well as needs and priorities.