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About Us
Education & Student Support Services



The Education and Student Support Services Division provides schools with services required for the effective management, curriculum delivery, and implementation of education programmes, ICT and student support.  It also provides overall leadership and strategic direction for the promotion and further development of Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET). 


The division has three main sections:

- Education Support Services

- Student Support Services

- Information and Communications Technology Support Services



The function of the Education Support Division is to:


  • - Establish mechanisms to provide coordinated and supportive services to schools in a planned and timely manner;


  • - Collaborate with other support services, agencies, parents and other stakeholders to facilitate the provision of support according to specificity and needs;


  • - Develop procedures and guidelines to facilitate the proper organisation and implementation of services to schools;


  • - Establish mechanisms and support structures for the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of TVET policies, plans and programmes in collaboration with key stakeholders and partners;


  • - Ensure the effectiveness of the careers guidance and counselling programmes in schools by encouraging the involvement of relevant stakeholders;


  • - Provide technical support in ICT to educational institutions and assist in meeting their varied needs;


  • - Implement and monitor the ICT policy in educational institutions in collaboration with key stakeholders and partners;


  • - Ensure that schools have adequate supply of IT, laboratory and TVET resources;


  • - Ensure that school libraries are adequately resourced and up to standard;


- Establish standards, guidelines and procedures for services.