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About Us
Human Resource & Administration



The Human Resource and Administration Division provides strategic leadership in the management and development of human resources in the Ministry.  It administers centralised services, manages educational supplies and promotes and develops health and safety standards in the workplace.


The division has four main sections:

- Human Resources

- Administration

- Education Supply Services

- Health and Safety

Human Resource and Administration Organisational Structure



The roles and functions of the Human Resources and Administration Division


  • - Ensure the effective administration of centralized services;


  • - Advise employees on policies, laws, regulations and procedures relating to human resource development, management and administration;

  • - Coordinate human resource development, performance and career management processes and programmes;

  • - Ensure that human resource policies are affectively implemented;

  • - Uphold the core values and principles of the Ministry as per existing code of ethics;

  • - Ensure the effective management of the Human Resource Information System (HRIS) database in collaboration with EMIS;

  • - Ensure that the central store is adequately resourced, in a sustainable manner with educational supplies of good quality;

  • - Conduct the Manpower Budget Exercise (MBE) for the Ministry in a timely manner;


  • - Develop and monitor the implementation of health and safety standards in the workplace;


  • - Advance the 'Health Promoting Schools' concept in educational institutions.