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Principal Secretaries



The Department of Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary Education provide strategic leadership and policy direction to the three divisions within the department and support the teaching profession through effective Teacher Management Policies and Programmes.

It ensures:

  • - The provision of quality education for all and promotes best practices in all education institutions from Early Childhood to Upper or Higher Secondary;

  • - That standards of teaching and learning are developed and maintained through the effective implementation of relevant Curriculum and Assessment Frameworks;

  • - An adequate supply of educational resources in a timely, sustainable and cost effective manner;


- An adequate supply of suitably qualified and experienced teachers and educational leaders for the education system.


Secretariat of Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary Education


  • Functions

    The Department of Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary Education (ECPSE) has direct responsibility for the following divisions:

    • Schools
    • Curriculum, Assessment & Teacher Support
    • Education and Student Support Services


    Seychelles Institute of Teacher Education (S.I.T.E)

    Given the mission and mandate of the Seychelles Institute of Teacher Education (S.I.T.E) as a Teacher Training Institution, the operation of S.I.T.E falls under the responsibility of the Department of Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary Education.


    Secretariat of ECPSE

    The Secretariat of ECPSE, in the Office of the Principal Secretary maintains oversight and management responsibilities for the following functions:

    - School Councils

    - Teachers Council

    - Inspectorate


    The School Councils

    The School Councils ensure overall governance and management of schools for the development and improvement of teaching and learning and student performance; through the promoting of greater decentralization of the decision-making process to bring about a greater sense of ownership, increased involvement of staff and parents in school affairs, and a higher level of accountability of schools.


    The Teachers Council

    The Teachers Council promotes and regulates the teaching profession by ensuring that the minimum standards of educational qualifications required for entry into programmes of teacher education, teaching and training are adhered to.  It maintains an updated register of all teachers and their qualifications to facilitate their continuous growth and professional development.

    The Inspectorate

    The Inspectorate's main responsibility is to quality assure teaching and learning at early childhood, primary and secondary levels through the legal and policy frameworks of the Seychelles Qualifications Authority (SQA).  The Inspectorate is accountable to SQA for the quality assurance matters.




The Department of the Tertiary Education, Policy Planning and Administration (TEPPA) provides strategic leadership, and policy direction to the three divisions within the department.  It also provides guidance and support for tertiary non-university education and training. 


It ensures:

  • - Policy implementation, monitoring and evaluation in line with established standards;

  • - Development and the implementation of projects and provision for resources as per established standards;


  • - Effective planning, monitoring and evaluation of the education system;


  • - Effective administration of the Ministry's assets in line with policy directions;

  • - Effective recruitment and deployment of staff.



​Roles and Functions of Divisions for Tertiary Education, Policy Planning & Administration Department

The Department of Tertiary Education, Policy Planning and Administration (TEPPA) has direct responsibility for the following divisions:

- Policy Planning & Research

- Infrastructure Development and Resource Planning

- Human Resources, Administration and Supplies

The TEPPA department has oversight of the Finance and Procurement Division.  The function of this division is provided to the Ministry of Education by the Ministry of Finance, Trade and Blue Economy.


Secretariat of TEPPA

The Secretariat of TEPPA, in the Office of the Principal Secretary consists of:

- Secretariat for Professional Centres

- Monitoring and Evaluation Unit


Secretariat for Professional Centres

The secretariat plays a vital role in the development of tertiary education and training, ensuring that the overall planning and implementation of programmes are carried out in accordance with government policies and plans for human resource development.


The Secretariat:

  • - Supports the management capacity of training institutions through staff development initiatives;

  • - Has oversight of Professional Centres, coordinates programme development and implementation, and provides support to the management;

  • - Ensures that standards are maintained and structures for internal quality assurance operate effectively;

  • - Acts as liaison between the Professional Centres and other stakeholders.


Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)

Monitoring and Evaluation is responsible for the contextualisation of the National Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) System, ensuring that it is implemented effectively with regards to specifics of the Education sector (institutional and service delivery); for evidence-based policy formulation, strategic planning, and capacity building.


Monitoring and Evaluation:

- Enables the organisation to determine the real outcome and impact of the sectors policies, strategies and programmes;

- Determines if service delivery has resulted in improved (economic and social) circumstances attributed to the delivery of programmes;

- Provides policy direction through the provision of strategic and comprehensive analysis of sector issues;

- Oversees the implementation of monitoring and evaluation systems and tools, and ensures that findings are fed to decision makers and planners and back into programmes.