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About Us
Infrastructure Development & Resource Planning




The Infrastructure Development and Resource Planning Division ensures the quality and safety of educational institutions through the development and management of a comprehensive financially sustainable infrastructure plan, and the provision of physical resources that facilitate access to quality teaching and learning for all.


The division has two main sections:

  • - Project Planning and Implementation
  • - Resource Planning


  • - Plan and organize the provision of physical facilities;
  • Manage, monitor and evaluate construction and maintenance projects;

  • - Manage contract services with regards to the maintenance of educational institutions including MoE Headquarters';
  • Undertake the procurement of educational resources, furniture and equipment;

  • - Prepare procurement plans and implement Public Service Investment Programmes (PSIP);

  • - Monitor the implementation of capital projects in collaboration with Ministry of Land Use and Habitat (MLUH);

  • - Update and review norms and standards for educational infrastructure;

  • - Ensure security and safety of educational institutions;

  • - Secure adequate financing through the PSIP for educational infrastructure development and management;

  • - Engage school management in infrastructure development and management decision-making related to their institutions;
  • - Delineate land parcels for all public educational institutions.