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About Us
Policy Planning & Research



  • Mandate

    The Policy Planning & Research Division provides strategic direction in the development and implementation of the education sector plans, relevant programmes and projects. It focuses on Strategy, Policy and Planning, and plays an important leading role in the monitoring and evaluation of the education sector, development of policies and the coordination of education research.

    The division has two sections:

    - Policy and Research

    - Education Management Information System (EMIS)






  • - Undertake analyses and processes as necessary, to develop policies and plans;

  • - Develop and implement analytical frameworks and processes for major planning initiative of Ministry's sector strategic plans;

  • - Establish a robust Education Management Information System (EMIS);


  • - Manage statistics and ensures its availability for decision-making, planning and other educational purposes both nationally and internationally;
  • Disseminate educational statistical data to national and international bodies;

  • - Provide research-based data and analyses to assist in effective decision-making and educational planning;

  • - Conduct comparative research studies on key aspects of education in line with the policies being developed;

  • - Monitor the implementation of sector plans and evaluate the effectiveness of the system;


- Develop and assist in the formulation and review of policies in consultation with other divisions and educational institutions.