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About Us
Schools Division


The Schools Division provides strategic direction, guidance and professional leadership to Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary Education, establishes systematic and timely reporting on the effectiveness of policies, plans and programmes being implemented through well elaborated monitoring and accountability mechanisms.

It ensures that:

• Children are provided with qualitative opportunities to develop their individual intellectual, socio-emotional and psycho-motor skills in order to build confidence and self-esteem in learning.

• All learners attain a high level of achievement in competencies related to literacy, numeracy, ICT and essential life-skills.

• Students are given the opportunity to successfully complete secondary education and embark on tertiary education programmes in preparation for employability with the required competencies, attitudes and confidence.

The division has three main sections:

 • Early Childhood Section

 • Primary Section

 • Secondary Section​

 • Special Needs Education Unit


Main Functions of the Division

• Ensure effective supervision of school management and administration;

  • • Institute continuous relevant capacity building for teachers, management teams and other personnel;
  • • Implement effective quality assurance measures to secure internal efficiency and quality teaching and learning;
  • • Promote greater accountability and efficiency for service delivery;
  • • Plan and manage the recruitment and equitable deployment of teaching and administrative staff;
  • • Provide guidance and support for the effective operation of student associations;

    Collaborate with partners and other agencies to provide specialized services to students with special educational needs;
  • • Ensure the effectiveness of services provided to students;
  • • Maintain a rigorous discipline system to support schools and create an enabling environment for learning.
  • • Encourage educational institutions to be 'Health Promoting Schools'.