The courses offered at ALDEC include the following:

The National Literacy Programme

IGCSE and GCE ‘O’ level courses

‘A’ Level courses

Modular courses

Typewriting courses

Tailor-made courses

With the exception of tailor-made courses, all programmes are organized on a part-time basis, on Saturdays and between 4.00pm and 6.00pm on weekdays.

IGCSE and ‘O’ Level courses

IGCSE courses offered include:

IGCSE Special Core– English Language

IGCSE Core - English Language and Mathematics

IGCSE Extended - English Language and Mathematics

The following subjects are all offered at GCE Ordinary Level:                                                  

Mathematics History
English  Computing    
French  Psychology
Biology  Business Studies
Chemistry  English Literature
Physics Economics
Geography  Accounting

For ‘O’ Levels in Mathematics, English and French, and IGCSE in Mathematics and English, selection and placement are based on the proficiency test results prepared by ALDEC or results of S5 National Examinations.

The above does not apply for candidates wishing to follow the same course a second time (e.g. those aiming for better results).

Literacy Programme

The courses offered through the literacy programme seek to meet the needs of:

Adults who have not benefited from initial education provisions.

Adults and out-of-school youths wishing to upgrade their level of knowledge and competency.

Adults and out-of-school youths seeking to meet the requirements for particular IGCSE and/or GCE ‘O’ Level Courses.

1.        Classes are conducted in all districts (Mahe, Praslin, La Digue and Silhouette) on weekdays between 4.00pm to 6.00pm. Subjects offered include English, French,

      Mathematics and Creole.  Courses are free of charge and each subject is offered at

     3 levels: 1, 2 and 3.

2.        Level 3 of the English. French and Mathematics courses is comparable to the higher secondary programmes.  It serves as a bridge to further studies that leads to International Examinations, namely, IGCSE and ‘O’ Level qualifications. Therefore, S4/S5 leavers with shortcomings are encouraged to follow these courses at higher levels and  achieve qualifications.


3.        The Literacy Programme is offered to Seychellois Nationals only.  Non-Seychellois wishing to take an English, French or Creole course can enrol on particular Second Language Modular Programmes.


Courses at ‘O’ Level and IGCSE are of one-year duration.  Candidates sit Cambridge International Examinations in October/November of the same year.

Advanced Level courses

The courses at ‘A’ Level provide candidates with a sound basis for further study or employment.  Candidates who apply for a course on offer must be certain that they have the necessary aptitudes and must possess the necessary prerequisites.

The subjects identified below are offered at ‘A’ Level:        

Mathematics Geography
English  Physics    
French  Chemistry
Law Biology
Psychology  History
Accounting   Computing
Business Management 

For `A' Level Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology Geography, History and Accounting, applicants need a grade `C' or better at `O' Level in the same subject and a minimum grade `C' at `O' Level in the same subject and a minimum grade `C' at `O' Level/IGCSE Extended in English Language.

8.   ‘A’ Level Law:  Minimum ‘C’ in ‘O’ Level/IGCSE Psychology or minimum ‘C’ at ‘O’ Level/IGCSE Extended English Language and minimum ‘C’ at ‘O’ Level in a Social Science or Science subject.

‘A’ Level courses are of two years.  Candidates sit Cambridge International Examinations in October/November.

Modular Courses

ALDEC offers modular courses in the following:




The duration of each module is approximately three months and candidates can choose the modules of a course that meet specific requirements.  However, it is always advisable that candidates who are new to the area initially follow Module 1 of the course before proceeding to modules at more advanced level.

The Language courses are offered at three different levels - Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced.  They are:-

          As a second Language - Creole, English and French

          Foreign Languages - Spanish, German and Italian

The subjects listed below do not necessarily need the same ‘O’ Level/IGCSE subject only as prerequisite:   

1.        A’ Level English Literature:  Minimum ‘C’ for English Language at ‘O’ Level/IGCSE Extended or minimum ‘C’ for English Literature at ‘O’ Level

2.        ‘A’ Level French:  Minimum ‘C’ for French Language at ‘O’ Level or minimum ‘C’ at ‘O’ Level French Literature.

3.        ‘A’ Level Business Management:  Minimum ‘C’ in ‘O’ Level Accounts and Economics, or minimum ‘C’ for English Language and Mathematics at ‘O’ Level/IGCSE Extended.

4.        ‘A’ Level Economics: Minimum ‘C’ at ‘O’ Level in Economics and Mathematics at ‘O’ Level/IGCSE Extended

5.        ‘A’ Level Physics:  Minimum ‘C’ Level in Mathematics at ‘O’ Level/IGCSE Extended and Physics at ‘O’ Level.

6.        ‘A’ Level Computing:  Minimum ‘C’ in Computer Studies at ‘O’ Level.  If candidates have not done ‘O’ Level Computer Studies they need a minimum ‘C’ in English Language and Mathematics ‘O’ Level/IGCSE Extended.  Candidates must also be computer literate.

7.        ‘A’ Level Psychology:  Minimum ‘C’ in ‘O’ Level Psychology or minimum ‘C’ at ‘O’ Level/IGCSE Extended English Language and ‘O’ Level Biology.

The Computing modules are:      

Module 1:  Word Processing
Module 2:  Spreadsheet  
Module 3: File Management
Module 4:   Database


The Sewing Modules are:

Module 1:         Introduction to Sewing  
Module 2:         Collar, sleeves and blouse 
Module 3:         Dresses
Module 4:         Shirts
Module 5.         Shorts, trousers
Module 6.         Household decorations
Module 7:         Garment making

The modular courses are offered to any interested individual and there are no entry requirements.  However, candidates must either have followed Module 1, the core module in the particular area or have basic knowledge in the area, before enrolling on modules at a more advanced level.

Typewriting courses

The typewriting programme comprises the following:

Elementary Level Course

Intermediate Level Course

Advanced Level Course

Each course is of a years’ duration.  Candidates sit the Pitman Examination.


The courses outlined in this publication are those currently offered by ALDEC.  The possibility exists that additional courses may be offered and that courses may be withdrawn.  Courses are offered subject to demand and availability of instructional staff.


ALDEC has the necessary flexibility to develop tailor-made, in service courses to satisfy specific training needs. 

The programmes are targeted at institutions, organizations,

Ministries and companies seeking training, retraining or upgrading of staff.

Specific training requirements can be addressed to the Director of ALDEC.  These will be studied and, contingent on resources, courses will be run.

The Centre can also organize for in-house training of staff upon request.