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Establishment of the Ministry of Education


1: Establishment of the Secretariat of the Minister

Post TitleNameOffice Contact
MinisterMrs. Jeanne Simeon4283001
Office of the Minister
Personal Assistant to the Minister Ms. Jenny Rachel4283003
Senior Private Secretary Mrs. Lindy Lawen4283002
Office Assistant 
Driver Mr. Worice Julie
Housekeeper Ms. Antoinette Jules
Regulatory Affairs and Governance
Special Advisor (SA)Mrs. Merida Delcy4283013
Advisor 4283265
Private Secretary to SA 
Education Services Bureau
Public Relations Officer  4283006
Customer Care Officer(vacant) 
International Relations
Technical Advisor (International Relation)Dr. Marie-Reine Hoareau4283123
Senior Liaison Officer (International Relation)Mrs. Vicky Gendron4283014


2:  Establishment of the Secretariat of Education

Post TitleNameOffice Contact
Principal SecretaryDr. Odile Decomarmond4283010
Private SecretaryMs. Quincy Samynadin

Principal Education Officer

(Special duties: School Councils)

Dr. Dorothy Felix4283136
Registrar-Teachers CouncilMrs. Inese Oreddy4610944
Senior Education OfficerMrs. Savinia Morel4283147
Office AssistantMs. Dorothy Gertrude4283019


3:  Establishment of the Secretariat of Human Resource Development

Post TitleNameOffice Contact
Principal SecretaryDr. Linda Barallon4283008
Private Secretary 4283009
Office Assistant 



Senior Education Officer

(Ag. Principal Education Officer)

Mrs. Merina Andimignon4283020
Office AssistantMrs. Pamla Panagarry4283021
 Senior Education OfficerMs. Jacqueline Gertrude4283022
 Senior Education OfficerMrs. Marie-Cecile Benstrong4283093
 Senior Education OfficerMr. Donald Estico4283025
Senior Education OfficerMrs. Suzanne Pillay4283027
 Senior Education OfficerMrs. Michelle Adeline4283219


4:  Establishment of the Schools Division

Post TitleNameOffice Contact
Director GeneralMs. Odile Octave4283130
Senior Office AssistantMrs. Malie Arnephy4283100
Administrative OfficerMs. Rose-Marie Roucou4283118
Office AssistantMs. Elma ChangThiou4283131
 Student Welfare and Psychological Services
Principal CounsellorMrs. Desiree Hermitte4283091
Office AssistantMs. Danielle Larue4283135
Coordinator of Alternative Education ProgrammeMrs. Anne Marie Elisabeth4283079
PsychologistMrs. Catriona Monthy4283146
Provisional PsychologistMrs. Marie-Antoine Bethew4283210
 Special Education Needs
Principal Education Officer (SEN Coordinator)(vacant) 
Senior Education Officer (SEN)Mrs. Monica Accouche4283151
Primary Education
DirectorMr. Cyril Pillay4283144
Principal Education Officer (ECCE)Mrs. Rosemai Jolicoeur4283142
Senior Education Officer (Staffing)Vacant 4283145
Senior Education Officer ( Day Care)Mrs. Antoinette Lucas4283147
Senior Education Officer (Crèche)Ms.Morine Max4283209
Senior Education Officer (Primary – P1 & P2)Ms. Merna Chetty4283141
Office AssistantMs. Quincy Saminadin4283141
Secondary Education
DirectorDr. Veronique Figaro4283138
Senior Education Officer (Staffing)Ms. Rosemary Bastienne (Part Time)4283140
Principal (SALS)Mr. Lester Omondi4372150
Senior Education Officer (Zone 1)Mrs. Bibianne Fred2510359


5:  Establishment of the Curriculum, Assessment and Teacher Support Division

Post TitleNameOffice Contact
Director General(vacant)4283107
Administrative OfficerMrs. Louise Magnan4283217
Curriculum Development and Teacher Support
Director Mrs. Elva Gedeon4283251
Curriculum Development Officer (Social Studies, History & Geography)Mrs. Ghislaine Boniface4283090
Curriculum Development Officer (Science)Mr. Jeffrey Lagrenade4283302
Curriculum Development Officer (Français)Mrs. Nadia Lauricourt4283126
Curriculum Development Officer (English)Mr. Terrence Crea4283057
Curriculum Development Officer (Mathematics)Ms. Ina Felix4283269
Curriculum Development Officer (Kreol)Mrs. Marie Flora Ben-David4283257
Curriculum Development Officer (ICT)Mr. Henry Nzyoka4283208
Curriculum Development Officer (PSCE)Mr. Jacques Koui4283281
Curriculum Development Officer (Early Childhood & SEN)Mrs. Helen Basset4283258
Curriculum Development Officer (TVE)(vacant)  
Curriculum Development Officer (Careers)Mrs. Marina Jacques4283263
Curriculum Development Officer (PE& Health)Mr. Andre Freminot4283193
Office AssistantMrs. Daniella Marie4283252
Assessment and Examination
Director Mr. Kevil Thelemaque4283215
Senior Assessment Development OfficerMr. Arnold Chang-Pen-Tive4283222
Assessment Development OfficerMs. Zitabella Labiche4283117
Assessment Development OfficerMr. Kairen Madeleine4283280
Assessment Development Officer(vacant) 
Office AssistantMs. Claudia Payet4283218
Director (Co-curricular)Mr. Wilfred Adrien4283190
Senior Education Officer (Environmental Education Coordinator)Mr. Shane Emilie 4283057 / 3112
Education Officer (Environmental Education)(vacant) 
Education Officer (PE- ECCE & Primary)Mr. Thomas Dodin4283193
Education Officer (ECA, Arts and Culture)Mr. Norbert Dogley4283056
Education Officer (PE- Secondary)Ms. Bena Zelia4283058
Office AssistantMs. Jane Florentine4283191


6:  Establishment of the Education and Student Support Services Division

Post TitleNameOffice Contact
Director GeneralMr. Jean Alcindor4283034
Senior Office Assistant(vacant) 
Education Support Services
Director Mr. Alain Belle4283245
Senior Laboratory Technician(vacant) 
Senior LibrarianMs. Marie-Annette Lawen4283239 / 3240
LibrarianMs. Geraine Antat4283239
Student Support Services
Director Ms. Alice Dugasse4283205
Senior Education Officer (Coordinator TVET)Mr. Phillip Belle4283196
Careers OfficerMrs. Mireille Rosalie4283046
Student Affairs OfficerMrs. Juliana Bonne4283211
Office AssistantMs. Marjona Hollanda4283207
Information Communications and Technology Support Services
Director Ms. Rosalind Denys4283260
IT TechnicianMr. Yannick Alphonse4283259
IT TechnicianMr. Robert Loze4283186
IT TechnicianMr. Romano Labrosse4283185
IT Technician(vacant) 
IT Technician/Web MasterMr. Mohamed Khalifa4283279
Graphics ArtistMr. Kevin Dialoo4283256


7:  Establishment of the Secretariat of TEPPA

Post TitleNameOffice Contact
Principal SecretaryDr. Linda Barallon4283008
Private SecretaryMrs. Josepha Monty4283009
Principal Monitoring & Evaluation Officer(vacant) 
Office Assistant(vacant) 
Secretariat for Professional Centres
Senior Monitoring & Evaluation Officer Mrs. Stella Bergmann4283092
Administrative OfficerMs. Florida Rose4283128


8:  Establishment of the Policy Planning and Research Division

Post TitleNameOffice Contact
Director GeneralMs. Francoise Mein4283236
Senior Administrative Officer(vacant) 
Senior Office AssistantMrs. Erica Renaud4283231
Policy Planning & Research
Senior Policy Analyst(vacant) 
Research Officer(vacant) 
Education Management Information Systems (EMIS)
Director (EMIS)Mr. Wilfred Uranie4283072
Senior StatisticianMr. Alain Theresine4283248
Senior Database AdministratorMr. Robert Mondon4283220
Database Administrator(vacant) 
Data Processing OfficerMs. Linda Roucou4283221


9:  Establishment of the Infrastructure Development and Resource Planning Division

Post TitleNameOffice Contact
Director General(vacant) 
Consultant (Project)Mr. Jones Belmont4283230
Senior Project AnalystMr. Antoine Barbe4283032
Contract Manager(vacant) 
Senior Office AssistantMrs. Erica Renaud4283231
Project Planning and Implementation
Administrative OfficerMs. Veronique Sinon4283031
Principal Project Officer Mr. Steve Serret4283045
Senior Project OfficerMr. Ralph Barra4283036
Senior Project OfficerMr. Gerard Jeannevol4283237
Senior Project OfficerMr. Evans Confiance4283036
Senior Project OfficerMs. Daniella Monthy4283036
Senior Project Officer(vacant) 
Work Superintendent(vacant) 
Resource Planning
DirectorMr. Brian Hoareau4283033
Resource Manager Mr. Paul Denis4283201


10:  Establishment of the Human Resource and Administration Division

Post TitleNameOffice Contact
Director GeneralMs. Christel Betsy4283004
Senior Office AssistantMs. Nelda Freminot4283005
Staff Welfare Officer(vacant) 
Office Assistant  
Human Resource and Database Management
Assistant Human Resource & Budget Management Officer Ms. Christine Morel4283125
Human Resource
DirectorMs. Agnes Gedeon4283101
Office AssistantMs. Begitta Belle4283102
Human Resource and Budget Management Officer (HQ)Mrs. Paulette Vidot4283110
Human Resource and Budget Management Officer (Primary)Ms. Diana Asba4283109
Human Resource and Budget Management Officer (Secondary)Ms. Cristy Meme4283108
Human Resource and Budget Management Officer (PCs & Expatriates)Ms. Angela Figaro4283111
Human Resource and Budget Management Officer (HRD)Ms. Dorothy Teeroomoolje4283113
Assistant Human Resource & Budget Management Officer (Gratuity)Ms. Laura Dodin4283105
DirectorMs. Antoinette Bonne 4283026
Administrative Support Services
Senior Administrative OfficerMrs. Daniella Dine4283103
Contract Management OfficerMs. Marievonne Barra4283116
Housing OfficerMs. Helene Marie4283023
Assistant Housing OfficerMs. Merna Labrosse4283024
Transport Officer(vacant) 
DriverMr. Ron Onezime4283026
DriverMr. Barry Hertel4283026
DriverMr. Jeffrey Camille4283026
DriverMr. Oscar Constance4283026
DriverMr. Ronny Dugasse4283026
DriverMr. Nicol Rath4283026
Telephone OperatorMs. Marie Jeanne Carola4283283/3289
Telephone OperatorMs. Lucy Bijoux4283283/3289
Reception-Security Headquarters 4283288
Records Officer Mrs. Clarisse Marengo4283124
Records AssistantMrs. Sita Barbe4283197
Records AssistantMs. Jenny Cany4283197/3115
Records AssistantMs. Marie-Claire Madeleine4283197/3115
Records AssistantMs. Cheryl Malcouzanne4283197/3115
Educational Supplies Services
DirectorMr. Raymond Coralie4283082
Stores OfficerMrs. Maryline Malcouzane4283083
Stores OfficerMrs. Helda Beauchamps4283083
Administrative OfficerMrs. Magdalena Eulentin4283278/3083
Senior Stock Controller AssistantVacant 
Senior Stock Controller AssistantVacant 
Stock Controller AssistantMr. Menty Dufrene4283083
Stock Controller AssistantMr. Graham Hoareau4283083
Stock Controller AssistantMr. Garell Jean4283083
Health and Safety
DirectorMr. Rodney Philo4283127
Health Promotion CoordinatorMs. Brigitte Labonte4283132


11:  Establishment of the Finance and Procurement Division

Post TitleNameOffice Contact
Financial ControllerMrs. Linda Monthy4283060
Office AssistantMrs. Judette Lepathy4283061
Accounts Technician (Assets Management)Mrs. Valerie Pillay4283050
Senior AccountantMrs. Pamela Desnousse4283062
Accounts Technician (Accounts Payable)Ms. Marie-Helene Jean4283065
Accounts Assistant (Accounts Payable)Ms. Cynthia Chetty4283066
Accounts Assistant (Accounts Payable)Ms. Marie-Anne Gabriel4283066
Accounts Assistant (Accounts Payable)Ms. Shana Esparon4283065
Accounts Technician (Payroll)Mr. Barry Cesar4283070
Accounts Assistant (Payroll)Ms. Melene Ernesta4283071
Accounts Assistant (Payroll)Mrs. Sydna Betsy4283071
Accounts Assistant (Revenue)Ms. Ashtride Arnephy4283074
Accounts Assistant (Revenue)Mr. David Moustache4283074
Accounts Assistant (Revenue)Ms. Maria Mondon4283074
Accounts Assistant (Revenue)Mrs. Marie-France Ramkalawan4283232
Accounts Assistant Mr. Dwayne Romain4283065
Accounts Assistant Ms. Rania Lesperance4283065
Procurement ManagerMs. Johnette Camille4283048
Senior Procurement Officer(vacant) 
Procurement Officer(vacant) 
Assistant Procurement Officer (vacant) Ms. Sandra from POU1 -temporary staff4283052
Assistant Procurement Officer (vacant) Ms. Salibina from POU-temporary staff4283049
Assistant Procurement OfficerMr. Jean Yves Lionnet4283293

POU1   Procurement Oversight Unit from the Ministry of Finance, Trade and Blue Economy


12:  Establishment of the Seychelles Qualifications Authority

Post TitleNameOffice Contact
CEOMs. Fiona Ernesta4324055
Private SecretaryMs. Edwina Payet4324055
Principal Standards Setting OfficerMrs Hilda Julie4324055
Principal Quality Assurance Officer (Validation)(vacant) 
Principal Quality Assurance Officer (Accreditation)Ms. Prisheila Sophola4324055

Principal Quality assurance Officer

 (Evaluation & RPL)

Ms. Joan Amade4324055
Administrative Officer(vacant) 
Driver/MessengerMr. Bernard Dubois4324055
HousekeeperMrs. Sandra Adela4324055


13:  Establishment of the Tertiary Education Commission

Post TitleNameOffice Contact
CEOMr. Jean-Michel Domingue4610944
Private SecretaryMs. Celine Laboudallon4610944/3344
Principal Monitoring and Evaluation OfficerMs. Jill Tirant4610944
Principal Research AnalystMrs. Guillianne Philoe4610944
Principal Programme (Curriculum) Development OfficerMr. Ebrahim M. Ali4610944
Financial Analyst(vacant) 
Office Manager(vacant) 
Driver/MessengerMr. Jason Estico4610944
HousekeeperMrs. Denise Mathiot4610944


14:  Establishment of the Institute of Early Childhood Development

Post TitleNameContact
CEOMrs. Shirley Choppy4673700
Private SecretaryMs. Laurette Lebon4673700/10
Director -  Programme CoordinationDr. Andre Leste4673704
Research OfficerMs. Romia Elizabeth4673705
Director – Regulatory AffairsMrs. Vereine Louis-Marie4673711
Senior Compliance OfficerMs. Lianette Morel4673707
Monitoring and Evaluation OfficerMrs. Lydianne Jean-Louis4673707
Monitoring and Evaluation OfficerMrs. Stephanie Payet4673707
Director – Advocacy and InformationMs. Stephenie Remie4673706
Communication & Information OfficerMrs. Amanda Albert4673712
Human Resource and Budget Management OfficerMrs. Audray Sally4673703
Assistant Administrative OfficerMs. Marie-Anette Nicette4673713
Driver/MessengerMr. John Holder4673709


15: Director of Professional Centres (Tertiary Non- University Education and Training Institutions)

Post TitleNameContact
Seychelles Institute of Technology (SIT)Mr. Hubert Barbe4601501
Seychelles Institute of Art and Design (SIAD)Mrs. Christine Payet4371188
Seychelles Business Studies Academy (SBSA)Mrs. Josianne Bristol4371188
Seychelles Institute of Agriculture and Horticulture (SIAH)Mr. Georgie Belmont4372123
Seychelles Institute of Distance and Open Learning (SIDOL)Ms. Marie-Claire Henriette4283204
Seychelles Maritime Academy (SMA)Cpt. Desh Dipak Awasthi4381100
Seychelles Institute of Teacher Education (SITE)Mrs. Rosianna Jules4283333
National Institute of Health and Social Studies (NIHSS)Mrs. Marylene Lucas4242006
Seychelles Tourism Academy (STA)Mr. Flavien Joubert4388600


16: Head teacher of Secondary Schools

Anse BoileauMs. Mariette Esparon4355566
Anse RoyaleMs. Cecile Marcel4371333
Beau VallonMs. Judanne LozeEXT 3180
BelonieMs. Medgee NancyEXT 3168
English RiverMs. Marie Claude MorelEXT 3173/3175
La DigueMr. Michel Madeleine4234058
Mont FleuriMrs. Rosemary VioletteEXT 3155/3156
PlaisanceMs. Raymonde LavigneEXT 3162/3163
Pointe LarueMrs. Gina Labiche4375305
PraslinMr. Michael Antoine4233448


17: Head teacher of Primary Schools

Anse Aux Pins Ms. Kathleen Samson4376216
Anse Boileau Ms. Milena Richard4355577
Au CapMs. Fatima Agathine4375151
Anse Etoile Ms. Daniella AntatEXT 3177
Anse RoyaleMs. Sonia Mancienne4371933
Baie LazareMrs. Solange Balette4361110
Bel EauMrs. Susan CharlesEXT 3165/3166
Baie Ste Anne Ms. Monique Lesperence4232128
Beau VallonMs. Julianna AgathineEXT 3179
Bel OmbreMs. Stella PayetEXT 3182
CascadeMs. Gina Balette4373248
GlacisMs. Vivienne Preira3178
Grand Anse Mahe Ms. Sylvette Joubert4378358
Grand Anse Praslin Ms. Edna Bellard4233213
La DigueMr. Michel Madeleine4234058
La MisereMrs. Fatma Bibi4344839
La RetraiteMs. Sheila Radegonde4241765
La RosiereMrs. Beryl BotsoieEXT 3170/3171/3172
Mont Fleuri PrimaryMr. Steve Hoareau4283157
PlaisanceMr. Daniel BristolEXT 3159/3160
Pointe LarueMrs. Anne Marie Servina4375670
Port GlaudMrs. Shirley Hoareau4378311
PerseveranceMs. Bernadette Maria4325990
TakamakaMs. Magda Rose4366296