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Assessment & Examinations
About Us


The Mission of the Assessment and Examinations Section is to develop high quality assessment and teacher support services to meet the National Curriculum requirements and, as a consequent, the diverse needs of students and society.

The Assessment and Examinations Section will become a center of excellence in the region by providing high quality services and leadership in assessment, examinations and teacher support

History of Assessment and Examinations Section

The Assessment and Examinations Section was formerly known as Examinations Unit of the Ministry of Education of Seychelles since 1999, under the then Division of Education Development. Its main function was to administer national and international examinations.

Ten years later i.e. in 2009, the Ministry of Education went through a series of reform initiatives whereby the purposes and functions for the different divisions, sections and units were re-visited and prioritize. This resulted in the restructuring of certain divisions and sections, in some cases.

Following the 2009/2010 reform, the formerly Exam Unit combined with the Curriculum Unit in 2012; to form the Centre for Curriculum, Assessment and Teacher Support (CCATS); the latter being previously under the auspices of the then National Institute of Education (NIE).

This also led to a change of name of the Examination Unit to Assessment and Examinations Section, as it is presently known. The aim was to concentrate national assessment and curriculum initiatives under one umbrella and develop expertise and support mechanisms for schools so that they can effectively implement and assess the curriculum.

As a result, the functions of the Section were reviewed and expanded. While retaining the function of administering international and professional examinations, the Assessment and Examinations Section now has the mandate to conduct End of Key Stage Assessments in all learning areas of the curriculum and across the different Key Stages of our education system as per the Education Act 2004 based upon the new National Curriculum Framework and the National Assessment Frameworks 2013. The Section now has the following functions:

  • Develop and update assessment systems and guidelines in schools consistent with the NAF, NCF and other Ministry policies and international standards;
  • - Administer international and professional exams;
  • - Set up systems to better track students progress and achievements in schools;
  • - Develop and maintain an efficient and reliable system of examination administration;
  • - Produce relevant assessment tools in all learning areas and at all levels that will guarantee reliable and high quality outcomes, related to End of Key Stage Assessments;
  • - Develop assessment syllabi related to End of Key Stage Assessments, based on the NCF.
  • - Develop and maintain item banks for use by Chief Examiners;
  • - Perform statistical analyses on the results of assessment and examinations and disseminate the same through relevant reports and presentations to stake-holders, monitoring and advising on standards and trends. This includes our participation in regional and international educational surveys, where appropriate, as a mechanism for benchmarking our achievements against international standards;
  • - Develop the capacity of teachers to deliver and sustain quality assessment in relation to the NAF.
  • - Develop, in collaboration with EMIS, an Assessment Information Management System.