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Assessment & Examinations

Frequently Asked Questions - Examinations


I will be going overseas and will miss my exams, can I sit the exams before I go or when I come back?

Examination be it National or International cannot be rescheduled to any other time, because this will constitute a malpractice. The same applies for sickness and bereavement.

However, for reasons of sickness and bereavement or other special circumstances, the child/parent, through Ministry of Education, may ask for special consideration so

that the situation of the child can be considered when awarding grades. (Cambridge Examinations)

Where local Examinations are concerned, the school can use the assessment results of the child for decision making purposes.

If I lose my certificate, can I apply to get another one, even if I have to pay?

Certificates are issued once only. However, the child can get a transcript from CCATS that contains the grade(s) he/she obtained, at a cost.

For Cambridge candidates, we can request for a Certifying statement. Check with the Assessment and Examination section for fees.

Alternatively we can issue you with a stamped copy of your statement of result, at cost

If I miss a continuous assessment at school, can I do it at a later date?

The school should be able to administer a comparable continuous assessment, if you have a valid reason for missing the continuous assessment at the first instance.

I sat all six subjects of the national exams but I see only 5 grades on my certificate. What happened to the missing result?

The most likely circumstance is that you did not pass that subject. Therefore, the subject is not recorded on the certificate

I have lost my RoA file. Can the school provide me with another one?

But the school can provide a copy of the report cards (End of Year reports. With regards to certificates, the same procedure as in Q2 will apply.

Can I bring my RoA file home for my parents to see?

Yes. The RoA file is the student’s property although it is kept at school. Parents can come to the school to view his/her child’s RoA file. However, to take the file home

the parent has to sign the relevant school document, and will be given a time limit to bring it back, since it will be used during selection for post-secondary placement.



Frequently Asked Questions - DELF


How can an institution become a DELF centre?

In Seychelles, the DELF Examinations have been placed under the authority of Alliance Française des Seychelles.

Do I have to be a student at Alliance Française des Seychelles to take the DELF?

Anybody who wants their French skills to be recognised can take the DELF, and there are no prior conditions.

Can I take a DELF Examination more than once?

Candidates can take Examinations as many times as necessary, until they pass. However, they cannot take the Examinations for a diploma that they already hold,

unless they revoke the existing diploma in writing before the examination session. If a candidate does not pass the diploma on the second attempt, the first diploma will remain invalid.

Can the Examination results be challenged?

The decisions of the DELF national boards of examiners are final. To find out the conditions for viewing examination papers, candidates must contact Alliance

Française des Seychelles.

Is DELF valid everywhere?

Yes. DELF receive the recognition enjoyed by all official qualifications awarded by the French Ministry of Education.

Is DELF valid for life?


Can I register online?

No. Candidates must register with Alliance Française.

If you are still at Secondary School your school will register you if you meet the set criteria.

Can I register via the CIEP?

No. Only Alliance Française is authorised to register candidates. The CIEP is not an examination centre.

How can I get a statement of equivalent qualification?

You must contact the last examination centre where you took an examination.

How can I find out what my level of French is?

Candidates can take the TCF (French competency test) to find out their level of French for general purposes in each skill (reading, writing, listening, speaking).