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School Councils


Roles and Functions
The roles and functions of the School Council Secretariat are as follows:

  • - Ensures the coordination and effective operation of School Councils as per legislation.

  • - Acts as the liaison between the School Council and the Ministry of Education.





Date of appointmentRemarks
  1. Anse Aux Pins
Ms. Maryanne ​​Marie4372123 (o)
2571314 (m)
1st February 2018·       Three years of experience
·       Director of the Seychelles Institute of
Agriculture 7 Horticulture
·       Following Med in Educational Leadership
  1. Anse Boileau Primary
Mrs. Ana-Maria Suzette2727710February 2016·        Newly appointed
·        Sales and marketing manager
·        Certificates in IT, 
  1. Anse Boileau Secondary
Mr. Roger Alphonse2722550March 2014·       5-6 years of experience
·       Director of the Youth Hostel
  1. Anse Etoile Primary
Mr. Ian Charlette2523652January 2015·       5 years of experience
·       Self employed
  1. Anse Royale Primary
Ms. Marcus Simeon2722262March 2015·       3 years of experience
·       CEO Social Protection
  1. Anse Royale Secondary
Mr. Mohamed Afif2722773February 2015·        5 years  of experience
·        Cabinet Secretary (Secretary of State)
  1. Au Cap Primary
Mr. Marc Naiken 2724190February 2016·       3 years of experience
·       CEO Agriculture
  1. Baie Lazare Primary
Mr. Danny Agathine 2783898March 2018·        1 year experience
·        Self employed
·        Was a lecturer at SIAH
  1. Baie Ste. Anne Primary
Mrs. Michelle Dugasse2517777
January 2015·        5 years of experience
·        Self employed (tourism sector)
  1. Bel Eau Primary
Mr. Clive Contoret2521110January 2014·        5 years of experience
·        Works at Air Seychelles in the accounting Section
  1. Beau Vallon Primary
Mr. Justin Freminot2521785 September 2010·        6 years of experience
·        Works with HASO
  1. Beau Vallon Secondary
Mr. Maxwell Julie2722910February 2018·        2 years of experience
·        Chief executive Officer
  1. Bel Ombre Primary
Doris Wilna Esther2618771(P)          4247829(P) 2822346(W)March 2019·        Newly appointed
·        Director of Human Resource Administration at the Seychelles Agricultural Agency
  1. Belonie Secondary


Date of appointmentRemarks
  1. Cascade Primary
Mr. Alvin Laurence2723998February 2017·        2 years of experience
·       Principal Secretary Poverty Alleviation
  1. English River Secondary
  1. Glacis Primary
Mrs Lucie Prunias2577827 February 2019·        Newly appointed
·        Retired Maths Teacher (degree holder)
  1. Grand Anse Mahe Primary
Mrs Suzel Cafrine429666
February 2019·        Newly appointed
·        Works at the Seychelles Pension Fund as a Compliance Officer (Rent).
19      Grand Anse Praslin PrimaryMr. Colin Philoé2501033March 2017·       2 years of experience
·       Operations Manager Cash Plus
·       Advanced Diploma Business & Accounting
  1. La Digue
Ms Agnes Pierre2781218February 2019·        Newly appointed
·       Self-employed in the tourism industry
  1. La Misère Primary
Ms. Annie Laurette2567150March 2016·        4 years of experience
·        Lecturer at UniSey
  1. La Retraite Primary


Mr. Elvis Nicette2530585March 2016·        Works at the Seychelles Bureau of Standard
  1. La Rosiere
Mr. Michel Pierre 2516875 ·        2 years of experience
·        CEO CEPs
  1. Mont Fleuri Primary


Mr. Dan Henriette2517847February 2019·        Newly appointed
·        Works at MLUH
  1. Mont Fleuri Secondary
Mrs Sharon Thelemaque-Ernesta2722252March 2019·       Newly appointed
·       Journalist
  1. Ile Perseverance North Primary school
Mr. Egbert Vidot 2527182 January 2017 
  1. Ile Perseverance


Ms. Christina Dora

Tel: 2724670


February 2019·       Newly appointed
·       Works at LWMA
She has previous experience as district Administrator for Ile Perseverance.
Following a Masters Degree course at UniSey
  1. Praslin Secondary School
Mr. Pierre Dogley2531777 March 2017 
  1. Plaisance Primary School
Mr. Terry Servina 4432213 (o)
2560601 (m)
2822818 (m)
September 2011·        8 years of experience
·        Marketing officer at TGMI
TEL. Remarks
  1. Plaisance Secondary School
Mr. Christopher Lespoir



January 2014·       5 years of experience
·       Works as a pilot with Air Seychelles
  1. Port Glaud Primary
Mr. Sonny Naiken2505355January 2013·        6 years of experience
·        Works as a
  1. Pointe Larue Primary School
Dr. Anne Gabriel 4325050 (o)
2325051 (fax)
2722686 (m)
January 2015·        4 years of experience
·        Medical doctor
·        CEO AIDS Council
  1. Pointe Larue Secondary School
Mr. Vincent Amelie 2722957 (m) January 2018·        Newly appointed
·        CEO Meteorogical Services
  1. School for the Exceptional Child
Mrs Rose-May Jolicoeur2529223January 2015·       4 years of experience
·       Senior education Officer
Takamaka Primary SchoolDr. Justin Valentin 2524362 January 2014·        5 years of experience
·        Vice chancellor UniSey







                                            COUNCIL CHAIRPERSONS
Anse Aux Pins Primary
Ms. Sylvianne Valmont
Anse Boileau Primary
Mr. Gerard Albert
Anse Boileau Secondary
Mr. Roger Alphonse
Anse Etoile Primary
Mr. Ian Charlette
Anse Royale Primary
Ms. Molly Roselie
Anse Royale Secondary
Mr. Mohamed Afif
Au Cap Primary
Mr. Terence Francoise
Baie Lazare Primary
Baie Ste. Anne Primary
Ms. Isabelle Azemia
Bel Eau Primary
Mr. Clive Contoret
Beau Vallon Primary
Mr. Justin Freminot
Beau Vallon Secondary
Mrs. Noella Shamlaye
Bel Ombre Primary
Mrs. Mary-May Bastienne
Belonie Secondary
Ms. Bella Henderson
Cascade Primary
Mr. Antoine Onezime
English River Secondary
Mrs. Penda Choppy
Glacis Primary
Grand Anse Mahe Primary
Mr. Joseph Bibi
Grand Anse Praslin Primary
Mrs. Sharon Meriton Jean
La Digue
Mr. Ansley Constance
La Misere Primary
Ms. Annie Laurette
La Retraite Primary
Mr. Sebastien Pillay
La Rosiere Primary
Mrs. Shella Mohideen
Mont Fleuri Primary
Ms. Fiona Ernesta
Mont Fleuri Secondary
Mrs. Marie-Josée Bonne
Perseverance North Primary
Mr. Michael Payet
Plaisance Primary
Mr. Terry Servina
Plaisance Secondary
Mr. Larrey Chetty
Pointe Larue Primary
Dr. Anne Gabriel
Pointe Larue Secondary
Mr. Gretton Cecile
Port Glaud Primary
Mr. Sonny Naiken
Praslin Secondary
Mrs. Rosia Ernesta
Takamaka Primary
Dr. Justin Valentin
School For The Exceptional Child
Mrs. Rose Mai Jolicoeur