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Tertiary Education Commission


The mission of the Tertiary Education Commission is to regulate the tertiary education and training sector so as to safeguard and advance the interests of all stakeholders, and provide evidence-based recommendations that will ensure the growth and development of the sector.


A high performing and credible organization, delivering on our commitment to make tertiary education and training more efficient, relevant, and valued.


Structure of  Tertiary Education Commission




The Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) is to provide for the organization and development of tertiary education in Seychelles.  It is to recommend policies and plans for the development of tertiary education and advise the minister on the preparation of further legislation on tertiary education.  Furthermore, it shall make recommendations to the relevant authorities on:


 - The development of tertiary education;

- The charters of tertiary education institutions;

- The names of tertiary education institutions;

- The orderly growth and development of tertiary education institutions;

- Regulations of the admission of persons to tertiary education institutions;

- Guidelines and criteria for the allocation of funds to tertiary education institutions;

- Financial provision for tertiary education;

- Guidelines and criteria on fees to be charged to learners;

- The form and content of learning programmes to be conducted by tertiary education institutions;

- The implementation of procedures and standards set by the Seychelles Qualifications Authority;

- Policies and guidelines on tertiary education institutions functioning jointly or in association with one another in or outside the Seychelles;

- The performance of tertiary education institutions and their use of funds provided by the Government or otherwise;

- Policies and guidelines on the involvement of tertiary education institutions in business activities.