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Teaching and Learning


Formal early childhood education lasts for two years and is available for children aged 3½ to 5½ years free of charge by the state in all districts. Although this stage is non-compulsory, almost all children in this age group attend. Early childhood education classes are attached or adjacent to district primary schools and are administered by primary school head teachers. Fee-paying private providers registered with the Ministry of Education also provide formal early childhood education. At present, there are 32 state and 5 private fee-paying registered crèches offering formal early childhood education.


Roles and Functions

 •   Develops appropriate policies and programmes for the Early Childhood Education and development

 •   Inspect institutions, organisations and businesses that provide education services for the early childhood level and ensure that they conform to provisions in the Education Act and associated regulations

 •   Collaborate with delivery providers and support them in order that they improve the quality of service

 •   Monitor and support the delivery of appropriate curricula

 •   Promote and assist in the development of child-centred and holistic pedagogy

 •     Assist in the development and implementation of appropriate curricular materials (e.g. Reading Project)

 •     Undertakes evaluation of specific programmes currently in existence at this level (e.g. Special Needs Education)

 •     Undertakes research on specific areas in early childhood education and development to assist make informed decisions to improve service delivery and programmes

 •     Participates and contributes to the formulation of appropriate assessment mechanisms for the early childhood level (e.g. Key Stage Assessment)

 •     Contributes to the development of a profiling system to better assist in the transition from non-formal to formal primary schooling

 •     Undertakes the implementation of a suitable orientation programme for children transiting from Day Cares and Primary 2 at various transiting points

 •     Organises and coordinates the implementation of activities for the Early Childhood cycle (e.g. co-curricular, early childhood committee/week, administrative procedures for crèche registration)

 •     Provides support and assistance to support staff working at the early childhood level

 •     Works with schools to identify the optimal organisational setup and manage resources to maximise learning

 •     Works with schools and other relevant partners (internal and external to the ministry) to identify staffing needs and staff management issues

 •     Identifies training needs and organises capacity building training workshops in collaboration with training institutions for early childhood school staff

 •     Ensures the proper allocation and management of material resources, budget to develop and implement appropriate programmes

 •     Liaise with parents and guardians for effective delivery of early childhood programmes