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Teaching and Learning


Primary education lasts for six years (Primary 1 –Primary 6) and is compulsory for all children. A system of zoning in line with Section 56 of the Education Act (2004) makes it compulsory for children to attend state primary school in their parent's or guardian's district of residence.
For curriculum purposes, the primary stage is organized into lower, middle and upper primary. Both state and fee-paying private providers offer primary education. There are currently 24 public primary schools and four registered private schools offering primary education.

The section will be responsible for the overall supervision of Primary schools.

Roles and Functions

 •     Monitors the overall administration of primary schools to ensure compliance to policies and guidelines

 •     Ensures that the school management teams create and maintain an environment which promotes and secures quality teaching and learning

 •     Collaborates with other partners in order to advise to improve quality of services offered to school

 •     Liaises with teachers, curriculum developers for effective delivery of programmes

 •     Works with schools to identify school needs and possible areas required improvement in terms of facilities, structures etc.

 •     Monitors the overall functioning of the Primary school and each of the different cycle

 •     Ensures that schools have the necessary structures in place and monitors their contribution to school development.

 •     Supports schools management in the process of transforming their institution into productive organisation

 •     Works with school to improve community collaboration and professional partnership

 •     Ensures the development of projects and programmes

 •     Monitors the implementation of projects, programmes and policies in schools to ensure consistency and adherence to establish the standards.

 •     Ensures that schools make effective use of available resources (human, material, financial. etc.)

 •     Ensures proper management of resources (material, financial etc.)

 •     Ensures that schools have the necessary resources required and advise school management

 •     Organises and coordinates training/workshop for school management

 •     Provides guidance and support to school management teams to be more effective in leading innovations in their schools

 •     Monitors students and staff performance

 •     Assists school management in reviewing their practices and presenting a coherent and accurate account of their performance

 •     Plans for primary schools to be equitably staffed quantitatively and qualitatively

 •     Maintains good working relationship with Sections/ Units /Schools to ensure that staff related issues are addressed promptly