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Teaching & Learning
Special Needs Education


The unit is responsible for managing and co-coordinating Special Needs Education (SNE) in schools.  It also promotes equity and inclusion to enable all children including those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) to benefit fully from quality education.

Roles and Functions

 • Implements the Inclusive Education Policy (2015) to appreciate SNE in more explicit detail

 • Coordinate the provision of Special Education Needs services in schools, Ministry of Education and other agencies thus ensuring that students' academic and psychosocial needs are met.

 • Guarantees implementation of the law /policies to their full extent at school level and institution level

 • Develops procedures/guidelines to ensure inclusive education principles are adhered to.

 • Ensures that there is in place a structure for supporting schools with the implementation of special needs/ inclusive education.

 • Sets up structures to guarantee: special needs provision, equipment/resource centre, and monitoring of 'special needs/ inclusive education'.

 • Develops appropriate education materials to support the teaching and learning of literacy, numeracy and life skills at primary and secondary levels.

 • Provide support to Special Education Needs Coordinators.

 • Provide technical assistance to school management teams, parents, teachers and individual students including those with SEND in relation to Inclusive Education and related teaching and learning aspects.

 • Set up a structure with other agencies to guarantee collaboration e.g. a board for the placement of 'special needs' students to ensure that their 'best interests' are met.

 • Provides on-going training and sensitization, and research in inclusive education.

 • Liaises with schools' 'inclusive education structure', and relevant agencies involved in identifying children who are "at-risk" for learning failure.

 • Establishes links with agencies working with children.

 • Establish positive working liaison and relationship with personnel of the Ministry of Education and external partners to better provide coordinated support network, and share issues relating to Inclusive Education

 • Supports Schools' Pastoral Care System (Special Needs Support Team)